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Regina Royal Jelly CapsulesRegina Royal Jelly
Regina's Royal Jelly originates from China, where for centuries it has been used to maintain general good health. As such, it is an established and recognized traditional Chinese health food supplement. Royal Jelly has a long history of use in folk health care in parts of Eastern Europe, where it has been regarded as an important addition to the diet.

The exact composition of Royal Jelly is still not fully known, yet for millions of people in the East and West it plays an important and positive role in their daily lives.

For thousands of years this remarkable substance has been prized as  available supplement.

Royal Jelly is produced by worker bees for their Queen Bee, who eats nothing else. She will have a life span of three to six years whereas a worker bee lives for six to eight weeks.

Royal Jelly is unprocessed and comes straight from the hive. Nothing has been removed not even the natural moisture. This is vital if the full qualities of Royal Jelly are to be experienced. Research shows that freeze drying of chemically processing Royal Jelly severely reduces its potency.

Combining Royal Jelly with other unsuitable substances can also reduce its qualities. Regina's many years of experience and research has led to the optimum blend of ingredients for this wonderful supplement.

Capsules The Daily Regime
Regina Royal Jelly Capsules contain Fresh Royal Jelly, delicately blended with Acacia Honey, cold pressed Wheat germ Oil and a little Beeswax and sealed in a Gelatin Capsule to ensure its freshness and purity. Each capsule contains 150 mg Fresh Royal Jelly and we recommend that one should be taken daily, first thing in the morning.

From the many testimonials related to us, we understand an improved sense of well being may be apparent two to three months after commencement of your daily routine. available in packs of 30 to 90 capsules.

Royal Concorde the perfect boosterRoyal Concorde The Perfect Booster
Regina Royal Concorde is based on the traditional Chinese style of blending Royal Jelly with herbal extracts. For this purpose Korean Ginsing (100 mg.). Damiana aphrodisiaca, Sernoa serrulate and Capsicum have been selected and the amount of Royal Jelly (500 mg. ), has been substantially increased over the levels commonly employed. Also added are Honey, to act as a natural preservative, and Almond Essence, to enhance the flavor. Royal Concorde is specifically designed to be taken at times of strenuous physical or mental activity, and there are many who enthusiastically affirm its potency at times of need. Many travelers have reported favorably on taking it after long air journeys.

Available in 10 ml phials - packs of 5 and 10.

Royal 5 The Natural SpreadRoyal 5 The Natural Spread
Regina Royal Five is a food supplement for the whole family. It is an extremely versatile Royal Jelly product which can be spread on toast or bread, used as a sweetener taken in a cold drink. Each jar contains 5g of fresh Royal Jelly, Bee pollen and Pure Honey. Is is completely free from artificial ingredients, preservatives or coloring. It is ideal for the young, elderly and vegetarians.

Regina Royal Five is Fresh Royal Jelly of unrivaled quality which Regina can guarantee. The Pure Honey in the special formulation acts as a natural preservative to help keep Royal Five fresh for you each day.

Royal Jelly & Vitamin E Cream the Ideal MoisturizerRoyal Jelly & Vitamin E Cream
The Ideal Moisturizer
Regina Royal Jelly & Vitamin E Cream has the moisturizing powers of Fresh Royal Jelly which are harnessed and enriched with natural source Vitamin E as well as Jojoba Oil and Beeswax. The carefully blended formulation is perfectly preserved in a base of essential Citrus Oil. The natural source ingredients work together helping the skin to retain its youthful suppleness. Used regularly, it will help protect the skin against extremes of climate and dryness, although it is suitable for all types of skin.

This concentrated cream is extremely economical to use, one jar (30g) can last several months. It can be used as a day or night cream.

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